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100% of profit for sales of our tee shirts and hoodies is pledged to reforestation charities.



We are Lewis Gourlay and Paul Lambie. We spend our evenings on Portobello beach with friends, while the kids run around, dig holes and paddle in the sea. We wanted an easy, safe and clean way to make a wee campfire at the end of the night. And so was born our first product the Unco Portobello Beach Campfire.


An Unco campfire is paper, straw, reclaimed softwood kindling and sustainably sourced logs, in a recycled cardboard box. Nothing more. No hazardous glues, staples, nails or plastic. Just a fire, the way humans have been doing it for a million years. 


Our boxes are designed to make campfires easy. Take out the matchbox when you open the top, push in the vents pop, pop, pop, pull out the wee door at the bottom, strike a light and in five minutes, when the cardboard burns away, you have a picture perfect little campfire. No fuss, faff or stress. Making it easy and fun to create lasting memories with friends and family. 

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