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When we sit by a campfire, it’s a direct link from you through every one of your ancestors back to the very first campfire. Your oldest ancestor 250 generations back looked into a fire exactly like this, got lost in exactly the same glow. WOW. That’s some mind blowing time travel magic!

We wanted an easy, safe and simple way to make a friendly sociable wee campfire. Something that made it easy for us to gather in a small group without too much planning. 

We wanted it to be clean, this meant...No scavenging for scrap wood with nails, screws or staples. No toxic glues or heavy metals. No petrol or firelighters. We wanted a traditional fire.


It needed to be easy to store, not too heavy to carry under your arm. We wanted everything we might need in one box.

And so was born our first product the Unco Portobello Beach Campfire ©

We are environmentally conscious and want to make products that either leave no trace or last forever.  Making it easy and fun to create lasting memories with friends and family is our primary focus. 


We’re still writing our story and we’d like you to be part of it.

Paul Lambie

CBO Chief beach officer. Paul keeps one eye permanently locked onto the beach, waiting like a coiled spring, for the perfect opportunities to paddle board or dig a massive hole.


Lewis Gourlay

Lewis is lit 🔥. No not for real but he did set himself on fire once and previously burnt his house down, so you could say he has a certain 'affinity' with fire products.


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