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We wanted an easy, safe and simple way to make a small campfire. Something that wouldn’t take a lot of planning. No nails, screws or staples. No Plastic. No toxic glues or heavy metals. No petrol or firelighters. We wanted a traditional fire. Easy to store, not to heavy to carry under your arm. Everything you need in one box. The rest is up to you.


Five minutes from box to campfire. Leaves only embers, not waste. Lovely and warm for up to two hours.


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Portobello: Civerinos Slice, Espy, Rootdown

North Berwick: Steampunk

St.Andrews: The Cheesy Toast Shack

Unco Campfire

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  • Contents: matches, tinder, kindling, harwood logs. Take out matches, push in the air vents around the box, open the little door and light up the tinder. Simple.

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